Ram 1500 8 speed transmission upgrades

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Remanufactured Parts. View all fca brands chrysler. Your preferred dealer has been successfully updated. Continue Cancel.The possibilities available to you with a Ram are pretty much endless. For a little inspiration, here are the top modifications and upgrades that every Ram owner should definitely get their hands on. Looking to give your engine some more oomph?

Want to hear that baby roar? A performance air intake is just the thing you need. By replacing the stock intake in youryou can pump additional air directly into the engine, gaining more power and efficiency.

Your Ram is an extremely powerful machine, even more powerful than you know. In order to meet specific regulations, the true performance of a pickup has to be dialed back at the factory. But you can give yourself the ability to tap into all of that potential. With a performance chip or power programmer, you can bypass those factory settings and take things to a whole different level.

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Many vehicles these days are designed to be extraordinarily quiet for a relaxing and luxurious ride. If you like your ride to sound as beefy as it looks, pick up a custom exhaust for your Ram. For under a couple hundred bucks, you can have people turning their heads as you roll by. Brakes are the most critical safety part of a vehicle.

You need to be able to stop in an instant even when your truck is really loaded down. High performance brakes are designed to work under heat and load without losing their integrity.

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Investing in quality brakes and brake pads will ensure that your Ram pickup is ready to go the distance even under extreme conditions. Ready to make your beast of a truck look even more intimidating?

ram 1500 8 speed transmission upgrades

If you want your to be able to do double duty, handling both on and off-road situations like a champ, the right lift kit can make a remarkable difference. Give yourself a well-deserved boost by installing step bars on your pickup. Plus your passengers will be grateful too. They may not be as used to this whole truck thing as you are, and having a helping hand will be greatly appreciated. Step bars also add to the appearance of your vehicle as a whole, giving it a well put together look that shows you thought of everything.

A grille guard or bull bar can provide extra protection for the face of your vehicle, even preventing damage to the lights. Another way to make sure your Ram leaves onlookers impressed is to swap out your stock wheels for a custom set that gives off just the right vibe. You can find tires that are geared toward a variety of different purposes. Want to really dig in off-road? No problem. You can get larger tires that are made with specialized supple rubber. The rubber allows the tires to conform to uneven surfaces, giving you the traction you need.

Off-road tires also have super aggressive tread patterning that will get you anywhere you want to go. The top tire brands in the industry have many diverse options available for your Ram pickup.We have heard some rumblings from sources over the past few months about the Ram HD getting an 8 speed automatic transmission from an unknown supplier and even mentioned it in our everything we know about the Ram HD article.

We have since heard the 2 contenders were ZF and Aisin. ZF currently supplies 8 speed automatic transmissions used in many FCA products while Aisin supplies the 6 speed automatic in the current Ram with the HO Cummins diesel.

Our inside sources say that Ram has been working hard both ZF and Aisin to develop new transmissions for the truck. The transmission is aimed at class medium to heavy duty trucks as well as HD pickups. We are also hearing that the 6 speed Aisin transmission might be sticking around in s set up for max tow duty.

NAG1 vs. 8-speed, a quick chat about the differences.

Our forum member, ichime also found this video posted on June 18th of the new ZF powerline transmission being tested in a current gen Ram HD. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Commisions are earned off of Amazon purchases through these links. Read Next Reviews October 21, HD October 9, Reviews April 22, October 21, October 9, April 22, Check Also. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

ram 1500 8 speed transmission upgrades

Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled. Close Search for.If you have a Ram pick-up with the ZF-8HP 8-speed transmission and are thinking of taking your truck into your Dodge dealer for a transmission oil flush, here is an analysis of the costs of this procedure.

We hope you are sitting down. A few months ago, we ran an article about the outlandish cost of an EcoDiesel engine oil change at Dodge dealerships. But we recently started hearing rumblings about the cost of an ATF flush for Ram trucks with ZF 8-speed automatic transmissions.

So we called a few Dodge dealerships in Canada and the United States to verify. As we learned more about the cost of the ATF change, the price of the motor oil change seemed like a wonderful value! We called a few random Dodge dealers and asked for quotes on a complete ATF oil change for a Dodge Ram with the 3. The prices below are for a complete ATF change, replacement oil pan and labor. As you can see, there is a fairly wide range in prices, so the parts and procedure costs may vary at your Dodge dealership.

The ATF and transmission pan are priced to the moon, so this is where the bill really skyrockets. Note that as these ZF 8-speed transmissions are relatively new in Dodge applications, very few Dodge dealers have actually performed an oil change on them. For a complete fluid change, 9 quarts will be required and possibly one or two extra for the flushing proposes. Why is this ATF so expensive? Who knows? This fluid has a low viscosity to minimize friction for maximum fuel economy.

The factory-fill ZF fluid has a translucent, slightly green appearance with an additive that helps technicians detect leaks under UV light. The Mopar AA oil pan for ZF transmissions is a plastic unit with a non-removable, non-serviceable oil filter molded into it.

Therefore, the pan has to be replaced when a complete oil change service is performed. The filter itself has a synthetic media, while the pan also has strategically placed magnets to gather metal filings.

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Also included with this kit is a gasket, replacement pan bolts and a replacement oil fill plug. While this plastic oil pan is reasonably well-designed, its finest attribute is its ability to completely empty your wallet.

The ZF 8HP transmission series was introduced in to great fanfare and has proven to be durable, efficient and a great performer in a very wide variety of applications. The reason that the industry is moving toward 8-speed transmissions and more gears in some cases is to improve fuel efficiency. With 8-speeds, the engine can always be in an optimum RPM range. ZF 8HP transmission gear shifts take place in milliseconds and can shift from 8th gear directly to 2nd when the situation warrants.

These transmissions do not have a dipstick or top fill port of any sort. Oil is added through a plug on the lower side of the transmission housing.

On the other hand, there is a severe service fluid change interval set at 60, mileskilometres. This elite ATF is designed for long drain intervals and protects during temperature extremes. As transmission fluid changes are a relatively rare procedure, we would spring the few extra bucks for the ultra-premium Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF.

Oil Depot Blog. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Marc Roden Independent Dealer info oildepot. Follow us on Facebook.The Ram will come with either the 3. The most efficient option for Ram buyers is the 3. Those who opt for the base 4x2 Ram with the Pentastar V6 rather than the HFE package will only lose 1mpg around town but you will still get the 25mpg on the open road.

Even in base form, the Ram V6 models offer 2 more miles per gallon on the highway over the base model Ford F V6 while Ram HFE owners will also enjoy an advantage around town of 1mpg compared to the Ford. When you equip the Ram Pentastar with 4 wheel drive, fuel economy of the base truck drops to 16mpg around town and 23 on the highway — beating the Ford F base model by the same 2mpg on the highway as the 2WD trucks. The big news for the Ram is the addition of the new 8-speed automatic transmission option to trucks fitted with the 5.


The Hemi has traditionally posted strong fuel economy figures but the new 8-speed gearbox makes the Ram the most fuel efficient V8 truck on the market right now. The Hemi-powered, rear wheel drive Ram with the new 8-speed transmission will offer 15 miles per gallon around town and 22mpg on the highway while still packing horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

ram 1500 8 speed transmission upgrades

Adding 4 wheel drive only causes the Ram to drop by 1 mile per gallon with 15 around town and 21 on the highway. The closest V8 competitor right now is the 5. Ford also has the 6.

Dodge Ram 1500 (6 vs. 8 speed trans)

The Ram is still available with the 6-speed automatic transmission behind the Hemi V8 and in rear drive form; those trucks can expect to see 14mpg around town and 20 on the highway. In any case, the Ram trucks fitted with the 8-speed automatic transmission behind both the Pentastar V6 and the Hemi V8 have the bragging rights of being the most efficient trucks in their respective engine class on the market today.

This does not include the new General Motors half ton trucks so things could change when the EPA publishes their certified numbers for the new Silverado and Sierra but for the time being — the Ram is the MPG King for the base and V8 level trucks. Source: Allpar.

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Skip to main content. Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. Latest Automotive News. Subscribe to Torque News on YouTube.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! For its part, GM has filed 13 technical service bulletins concerning the unit, none of which remedied the issue.

So yes, it would have cost GM money. Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels. I rented a C7 with miles on it a few weeks ago in Fla. It had this trans and was showing some of these symptoms described. What an mess. The 8-speed is terrible. Luckily, my GS has the 7-speed manual, as I would never buy a sports car with an auto. Sure, a DCT is better than a standard auto, but I want to feel the vehicle.

I want to call the shots. Throwing levers is what makes driving a sports car fun. Wanting to shift you own gears is nothing out of the ordinary. Most owners are not having issues.

The owners with the new fluids are reporting good results. The long and short of this was GM has spent the last couple years trying a number of fixes and finally just has found the issue.

Also the shudder issue us not just a GM issue as other brands and transmission have suffered the same fate. To this point mine shifts great and has been a good transmission, The majority of owners are also like my experience.

There has been a lot of miss information on this topic and the fact GM had no real answer till last winter has been difficult. But the reality is GM never abandoned the customers and they continued to look for a fix and it finally appears to be here.

Even the BCM voltage to the shifter has to be adjusted or it will not go into park these days. You mentioned a new transmission fluid from Mobil. My experience has been though the Colorado and Canyon Forums where the problem has hit a limited number of owners. The First to Second hard shift is another issue.

It is normal to a point. From what I have noticed is it is more prevalent when the transmission is cold and if you lift off the gas or are very light on the gas. Under a load it goes away. They can tune the transmission to help with programming but it can still happen once in a while. Mine is very rare to do it unless it has been sitting out in below freezing weather all day.

It is gone by one shift in the first 3 miles.This is a very interesting question that comes to us from Jason V. I am looking to purchase a half-ton pickup truck. We cannot answer this question now with authority because there is not enough reliability data out there for all versions of these transmission.

We can say that Ram has upgraded their 8-speed automatic for the Ram The truck will launch with the 5. Ram updated some hardware and software to make the transmission handle higher loads and operate more smoothly in a greater variety of conditions including the eTorque mild hybrid mode.

Ford and GM collaborated on the design of the speed automatic. We discovered that in the Ford F the speed is not as aggressive with downhill grade braking as we would like. The Fast Lane Truck. Home Ask TFLtruck. TFLtruck has not yet testing this transmission. If you have more details or reliability information, please add your comments below.

What Could Go Wrong? Try Everything! Zach Butler - April 17, Should the Tesla Cybertruck focus on being the best at everything, including Baja? I give my thoughts on why that approach may not work in the truck world. April 17, April 16, Which is More Reliable: 3. Which Silverado Engine to Get: 5. August 31, All rights reserved.

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